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So here's the deal. I would absolutely LOVE to attend Carleton next year, and I just have a few questions on how to make that dream possible.

First, how many teacher recommendations are you supposed to have? As many as you can get? And is any weight given to who the teacher is? I saw someone's post about how they got recs from esteemed teachers or something like that.. and the teachers I have so far are really excellent but I'm not sure if Carleton would think so?

Also, on the application there's that spot for any "Extra information." I heard that it is bad to leave areas like that blank, but I'm not sure what exactly I should write there or how it should be structured (essay vs. one paragraph, formal vs. informal, etc.). I feel like I should write something there to prove to them that I really, really want to attend Carleton, but I'm not sure how to do that.

Does it help you to apply ED? I need all the help I can get because I don't have very many extracurriculars (I've been in debate for 4 years and it literally takes over my life and I can never join anything else). I could list some community service things that I've done for NHS but I don't know if they would count because I only did each of them once. 

Finally, everyone always says the essay is the most important part. I originally wrote mine on a teacher that I had for three years who really did change my life, but now I'm considering changing it because I heard that the prompt about a person who had a significant influence on you is really overdone and can get really boring to read. Any thoughts? I'm hoping that as long as the essay is well-written it won't matter, but I just don't want to be cliche.

Thank you so much!
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